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"Lee is superb, after a couple of less than stellar experiences, he's totally changed my opinion on therapy. He's a fantastic listener, has great ideas, he's very positive and has a very calming demeanour. I would highly recommend Lee for your therapist."

"Lee is very helpful! He offers perspectives I haven’t considered before and they are usually spot on. Highly recommend!"

My sessions with Lee help me feel safer and safer to be unapologetically happy. He creates a safe space and offers me fresh perspectives. I feel supported by him.
He has given me a great perspective on where I should be and how to achieve my goal.

Lee has been a lifesaver. His practical problem solving approach has equipped me with tools that continue to assist me in surviving through an incredibly difficult period in my life. I feel very fortunate to have been put in touch with him.

Lee is a calm and understanding man, who created a safe space for me to be heard, with a unique ability to get the root of issues.
It’s laid a foundation towards better awareness and a healthier future (In mind, body and spirit)
My time with Lee was highly restorative, I gained a deep Insight into issues around addiction and past trauma. Ultimately helping to heal and positively change my behaviour moving forward.

Lee listens. He offers considered advice either to prompt your own thoughts or, when needed, his own. It's a productive conversation every week. My issues are not massive compared to others but he gives them the time and I just feel a weight off my shoulders; since the start of working with him and every single week.

Lee really understands me and is supportive and never patronising (which I’ve found a problem in other therapists). Very helpful work sheets and goal setting too.

Being new to therapy, I took a chance and was matched with Lee Whelan. His guidance in tackling my limiting beliefs, self-esteem, and relationship issues has been invaluable. Despite my initial hesitance as a first-time therapy-goer, Lee's compassionate approach and wealth of knowledge made the experience incredibly rewarding. The practical exercises he suggests between sessions have truly helped me apply our discussions to real-life scenarios. For anyone seeking a supportive and experienced therapist for transformative growth, I wholeheartedly recommend Lee's services.

I have worked with Lee now for 8 months and I have felt like we have achieved so much. Pieces of the puzzle started fitting together what started making sense to understand some of my behaviours. He has challenged me and made me reflect in my own decisions and how to safely modify and try new approaches always at my pace and with full support and lack of judgement. I would really recommend Lee to anyone that is going through their journey of change, growth and recovery.

Lee has been amazing, he is very caring and professional. Lee has made me feel safe talking about really vulnerable subjects. Thank you Lee!


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