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"Lee is superb, after a couple of less than stellar experiences, he's totally changed my opinion on therapy. He's a fantastic listener, has great ideas, he's very positive and has a very calming demeanor. I would highly recommend Lee for your therapist."

"Lee is very helpful! He offers perspectives I haven’t considered before and they are usually spot on. Highly recommend!"

My sessions with Lee help me feel safer and safer to be unapologetically happy. He creates a safe space and offers me fresh perspectives. I feel supported by him.
He has given me a great perspective on where I should be and how to achieve my goal.

Lee has been a lifesaver. His practical problem solving approach has equipped me with tools that continue to assist me in surviving through an incredibly difficult period in my life. I feel very fortunate to have been put in touch with him.

Lee is a calm and understanding man, who created a safe space for me to be heard, with a unique ability to get the root of issues.
It’s laid a foundation towards better awareness and a healthier future (In mind, body and spirit)
My time with Lee was highly restorative, I gained a deep Insight into issues around addiction and past trauma. Ultimately helping to heal and positively change my behaviour moving forward.


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