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You might be feeling unsure about whether to seek counselling, and uncertain if you have a problem or not. You might be tempted to seek help for an addiction or addictive behaviours, yet feel that you have things under control. These feelings are very common, and I’d be happy to help you make sense of them.

I offer therapeutic counselling to enable you to cope with areas of your life that you may be struggling with such as anxiety, low self-esteem and an inability to foster healthy relationships.


I will offer a safe space for you to explore issues relating to past trauma that may be affecting your quality of life.

I believe that being open and honest helps to build a good relationship with you, the client. This will help us to work together on a deeper level as it is the depth and the strength of the connection between you and I that is the key to positive change.



I believe mental well-being and personal growth is a multi-faceted solution. We would look to introduce a holistic lifestyle that reflects your vision and needs for today and for your future.

By bringing together a complete solution for mental well-being in the 21st century and by introducing supportive environments that are accessible when you need them.

I practice using an Integrative counselling framework. The advantage of this method is that it draws from two major counselling orientations - Person Centred and Psychodynamic. Integrative Counselling treats you holistically by practising a trauma informed approach. The structure and safety that is created from this approach promotes positive change.

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